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Contract between User and Booha Travel SRL
Air Ticket Conditions

Booking Air Tickets

Booking air tickets can be done online at www.americanexperience.ro, through email, or by phone. Any reservation made via email or phone is subject to the acceptance of these terms and conditions and the special conditions imposed by the airlines, which will be presented in the reservation confirmation email or over the phone by the consultants of Booha Travel SRL.

For the issuance of air tickets, payment is required. Booha Travel SRL provides a variety of payment methods depending on the conditions imposed by each individual airline.

At the time of booking, the payment terms provided by the airlines will be communicated to you. For scheduled reservations, most airlines require the payment for tickets to be made within 24 to 48 hours, during which Booha Travel SRL guarantees seat availability and fares. You will find this information available in the reservation confirmation email. If the payment is not made within the stated period, the airline reserves the right to automatically cancel the tickets.

Attention: Between the time of reservation requests and the moment of ticket payment and viewing the payment in Booha Travel SRL's account by its employees, fare changes may occur, or seats may no longer be available. In these situations, Booha Travel SRL will inform the passengers and propose the next fare or new flight options to meet their needs.


Each airline has its own rules for baggage transport. This information will be presented during the reservation process or by Booha Travel SRL consultants, via email or phone.

For some airlines, hand luggage and/or checked baggage are included in the price communicated on the website. For low-cost airlines and some scheduled airlines, baggage is charged separately from the ticket price, and this information will be provided during the reservation process. Baggage can be purchased at the time of booking or after ticket issuance, but no later than check-in.

Each airline has different dimensions (number of kilograms or length/width/height) for hand or checked baggage. If you do not comply with these dimensions, the airline may charge you an additional fee.


Check-in at the airport can be done for both scheduled and low-cost airlines, but a supplementary fee is charged for low-cost airlines. To avoid paying an additional fee, Booha Travel SRL recommends doing online check-in. Information about online check-in will be provided by Booha Travel SRL agents at the time of booking.

Discount Airfare Campaigns

Booha Travel SRL reserves the right to run multiple discount campaigns for air ticket offers simultaneously, and these discounts are not mandatory for all air ticket reservations. Discount levels are determined based on marketing campaigns conducted by Booha Travel SRL.

Discounts or discount coupons can be combined with other discount campaigns or discount coupons and are only applicable in accordance with the rules of each specific discount campaign.

Discounts or discount coupons do not apply to customers who make reservations following flight searches on comparison websites (e.g., Momondo, Skyscanner, etc).

General Terms and Conditions of Air Ticket Sales and Reservations

The Commercial Company SC Booha Travel SRL is a TRAVEL AGENCY with the business activity of booking and selling domestic and international air tickets.

In order to fulfill this part of the services from its business activity, the company is authorized by the airlines operating the flights. It acts solely as an intermediary for these airlines and is subject to the commercial rules and restrictions imposed by the airlines as direct service providers.

Next, we will refer briefly to:

  1. • Commercial Company Booha Travel SRL - THE AGENCY
  2. • The airline - THE COMPANY
  3. • The customer reserving and/or buying the air ticket - THE PASSENGER
  4. • The document used for the flight - THE AIR TICKET

Booking – Selling Air Tickets is done under the following conditions:


  • 1. Seat reservations for flights are made using international computerized reservation systems that allow the agency to access the airline's database and make actual reservations for a specific flight in favor of potential passengers.
  • 2. Reservations are free and must be made before the departure date.
  • 3. With the reservation, the passenger will receive information from the agency regarding the flight price (valid at the time of the reservation) and information about the conditions, restrictions, and rules applicable to the air ticket that can be purchased based on that reservation.
  • 4. All conditions, rules, and restrictions applicable to an air ticket are those dictated by the airline, as well as by other factors (e.g., the obligation to have a visa), beyond the agency's control. These rules and the air ticket price can change, by the will of those who have imposed them, until the actual ticket is purchased, without the agency being held responsible in any way.


  • 1. The issuance of reserved air tickets and their payment are made in accordance with the conditions imposed by each individual company. The passenger is obligated to be informed about the validity period of their reservation and present themselves within the given time to make the payment for the ticket or to request the ticket issuance in order to receive it. The deadlines can change at any time by the company, and in this case, the agency will notify the passenger of the change without being responsible for the potential cancellation of the reservation.
  • 2. The contractual relationship between the agency and the passenger is established when the passenger has paid for the air ticket and received it. Before actually paying for the ticket, the passenger is obligated to be informed at the agency about all conditions and restrictions applicable to that ticket and to read these general conditions.
  • 3. The passenger can pay for the air ticket in EUR.


  • 1. The prices of airplane tickets sold through the agency result from a complex system of fare rules, contractual rates, rates published in centralized reservation systems, special rates, etc. In these conditions, each flight involves the calculation by the specialized agent of the price applicable to that specific airplane ticket. The same flight, with the same airline, under the same travel conditions, can generate different prices. Given the multitude of prices applicable to airplane tickets, as well as the rules applicable to them, these cannot be displayed or published. Likewise, information about rules that come from written communications or computerized transmissions from the company, through centralized reservation systems or directly to the agency, is continuous, and changes can be permanent, which is why they cannot be translated and published in any document.
  • 2. Sale prices are not necessarily printed on airplane tickets. Sale prices result from the rules for issuing airplane tickets established by the company, the only one able to challenge the method of recording a price on a specific airplane ticket.
  • 3. The price of an airplane ticket becomes firm, along with all applicable conditions, only when it is recorded on the receipt document prepared by the agency (invoice).
  • 4. Airplane tickets issued by the agency are the property of I.A.T.A. – BSP Romania – as a representative of member airlines, and the proceeds from the tickets sold are settled with I.A.T.A. BSP – Romania. Therefore, the agency cannot be held responsible for the way the price of an airplane ticket was established, except by this organization or by the company for which the ticket was issued.
  • 5. The price of any airplane ticket includes airport taxes as a rule. However, there are situations, beyond the agency's control, in which additional fees may be requested from the passenger during the journey, which were not initially collected. In such a situation, the agency cannot be held responsible.
  • 6. Service fees (commissions) applied by Booha Travel SRL are included in the airplane ticket rates and can vary from one offer to another. Booha Travel SRL reserves the right to decide which service fees apply. For additional services (including but not limited to: baggage, preferred seats, sports equipment, pets, etc. – when allowed by the airline), purchased after the issuance of airplane tickets, Booha Travel SRL reserves the right to apply a service fee of a minimum of 5 euros per passenger per flight segment.


  • 1. The airplane ticket is the document, the record, or the electronic agreement on which the flight is performed. The airplane ticket is issued by the agency but is the property of the airline for which it was issued.
  • 2. The passenger holding the purchased airplane ticket is obliged to keep it in good condition and present it for boarding in order to be admitted to the flight. The loss or damage of the airplane ticket by the passenger does not entitle them to receive a new ticket. Failure to fly for this reason falls solely within the passenger's responsibility, and the passenger cannot claim any compensation from the agency or the airline.
  • 3. The terms of the contract and the information on the airplane ticket supplement these general terms. It is considered that the passenger who has obtained the airplane ticket has become aware of all this information.


  • 1. The agency is responsible for the correct issuance of airplane tickets and for informing the passenger in good faith about the conditions applicable to the ticket sold.
  • 2. Passenger information will be provided by displaying these general terms of sale of airplane tickets in the agency and by presenting, at the express request of the passenger, the special transport conditions of the company, applicable to the flight in question, without the need for a passenger's signature to certify that they have been informed.
  • 3. The passenger is obliged to read these general terms displayed in the agency before purchasing the airplane ticket. Once the airplane ticket is purchased, it is assumed that the passenger has become aware of all the information related to that ticket, and the passenger cannot later claim ignorance and demand compensation from the agency.
  • 4. The passenger is obliged to present themselves for flight check-in at least 1 hour and 30 minutes before the departure time, in order to be able to complete the necessary formalities, and in special cases, in accordance with the information provided by the agency.
  • 5. The agency is not responsible, and no compensation can be claimed from the agency, if the passenger did not fly under the following conditions: - The passenger did not show up on time for boarding (1 hour and 30 minutes before the departure time specified on the ticket). - The passenger is refused boarding due to problems with their personal documents (including the lack of an entry visa for the destination country, a fake visa, a passport with restrictions, etc.), or in the case of unjustified refusal by the authorities to allow the trip. - Other circumstances or force majeure situations that the agency could not predict or avoid.
  • 6. The agency is not responsible for delays or schedule changes by the airline for which the ticket was issued, flight quality, or flight-related services (e.g., baggage loss), obligations that fall directly on the airline. In such situations, the passenger should contact the airline directly, which will compensate the passenger in accordance with international regulations.
  • 7. The passenger can cancel the purchased airplane ticket at any time before the departure date. Regardless of the reason for cancellation, the rule implies that the passenger will be subject to a penalty of 100% of the value of the ticket and the airport taxes. If the company's rules allow more advantageous return conditions, the agency will apply these rules in favor of the passenger.
  • 8. The passenger can modify the initially purchased ticket in accordance with the conditions established by the airline for which the ticket was issued, for each specific case. As a rule, a penalty of 100% of the initial ticket value will apply, and if the company allows more favorable conditions, the agency will apply those conditions in favor of the passenger.
  • 9. The passenger cannot use only parts of the flight covered by the purchased ticket. The passenger's non-presentation at the first flight is considered a ticket waiver, and the provisions of these general terms will apply.
  • 10. The passenger cannot transfer the airplane ticket to a third party.
  • 11. Non-presentation for the flight results in the loss of the airplane ticket, with a penalty of 100% of the ticket value.
  • 12. In the event that the passenger, through their own fault, uses only part of the flights listed on the purchased airplane ticket, they cannot claim any compensation of any kind from the agency or the airline for which the ticket was issued.
  • 13. The passenger is obliged to ensure that they have all the necessary legal documents to make the trip (including but not limited to: passport, visa, power of attorney, health certificate, notarial power of attorney), and the agency has no responsibility in front of the passenger if they are denied boarding or entry into the destination country for this reason. Refusal to board for any of these reasons falls within the passenger's exclusive responsibility, and the passenger cannot claim compensation from the agency.
  • 14. The agency will inform the passenger in good faith about the travel formalities required, according to the information provided by the computerized reservation system, but cannot be held responsible for the accuracy of this information or be held accountable for providing it or not, as the information service is an additional service and has no connection with the service of issuing the airplane ticket.
  • 15. The agency is not responsible for damages or inconveniences caused to the passenger during the flight or due to schedule changes, flight delays, etc., circumstances beyond the control and will of the agency.
  • 16. Due to the situation created by the massive requests for political asylum or illegal stays in Western countries, the authorities of all states, even in the presence of an entry visa issued by the embassies of those countries in Romania, may refuse to allow passage at the border or boarding the passenger on the plane. In such situations, no compensation can be requested from the agency because the inability to perform transportation is due to the actions of a third party.
  • 17. In case the passenger's purchased airplane ticket is stolen, based on a self-declaration and supporting documents from the Police, the passenger can request the agency to issue a duplicate of the respective ticket, without paying additional costs, with the consent of the airline for which the ticket was issued.


  • 1. Any complaint regarding the purchased airplane ticket must be made in writing within a maximum of 7 days from the date of the event being complained about.
  • 2. Complaints that are not made in writing will not be considered.
  • 3. The agency will forward the complaint to the airline for which the ticket was issued, and the solution given will be provided by the airline, as the owner of the ticket. The agency will inform the passenger in writing about the company's response to the complaint within 3 days of receiving the response from the company. If the passenger is not satisfied with the response received, they should contact the airline that operated the flight directly.
  • 4. The passenger will be compensated directly by the airline in all cases where it decides to do so, and the agency is not obliged to mediate such compensation.
  • 5. Any complaint will be made by the passenger in accordance with these general terms and conditions of airplane ticket sales.


  • 1. These general terms and conditions are made in accordance with and complemented by the provisions of the WARSAW CONVENTION, to which Romania is a signatory party, in accordance with the provisions of Article 11, paragraph 2 of the CONSTITUTION OF ROMANIA.
  • 2. Displaying these general terms and conditions in the agency implies the obligation of the passenger to read them. It is considered that the passenger who has purchased the airplane ticket has become aware of the content of these conditions, and they cannot later claim ignorance or lack of information.
  • 3. These general terms and conditions will apply and be enforceable to third parties in all situations stipulated within them.

Cancellations / Modifications

If you want to cancel or modify the reserved or purchased service, it is your responsibility to inform Booha Travel SRL in writing or by phone about your intentions. In certain cases, you may not be able to cancel or modify certain travel services, or you may need to meet specific requirements for these actions. Booha Travel SRL accepts all forms of written requests. Booha Travel SRL cannot cancel/modify the travel service before receiving your firm request. You can cancel your reservation by email or by phone. In the event of modification of a reservation (including but not limited to cancellations, refunds, name changes), Booha Travel SRL reserves the right to apply certain fees to cover administrative costs that may result from this action.

In the case of canceling airplane tickets for voluntary reasons, the service fee charged by Booha Travel SRL at the time of ticket issuance is not refundable.

In cases of force majeure and not only, the airline may cancel or delay the flight, as well as cancel the reservation without prior notice to the passenger, and the money will be refunded to the passenger or new flight options will be offered. In all these cases, the passenger will either be informed directly by the airline or by representatives of Booha Travel SRL.